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Version: 5.3    Build: 4    Release Date: 06/11/2018     Type: Misc     View All Features in Build
Increased timeouts when rehosting product databases to SQL for Amazon RDS and Azure.
Version: 5.1    Build: 6.03    Release Date: 05/25/2016     Type: New     View All Features in Build
On the Product Lookup window you can now search by InternalPartNumber for native product databases, including ones hosted to Azure, and also in the multiple product database search (which will just search for this field in native product databases.
Version: 5.1    Build: 1    Release Date: 10/27/2015     Type: Fix     View All Features in Build
When using Azure hosted product databases, they would sometimes lose their connection. When that would happen you would receive errors like: "Error (-2147467259) TCP Provider: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine." and "Error (-2147467259) Communication link failure" in QWOpenRecordset and in FindProductRecordEx. Now, this disconnect will be detected and you will be prompted with "It appears the connection to the database was lost. Would you like to try to re-connect now?" which will then re-connect to the Azure Product database.
Version: 4.9    Build: 8.07    Release Date: 06/30/2014     Type: Fix     View All Features in Build
When removing a QuoteWerks Azure Native product data source, would receive error when the Azure server was not available.
Version: 4.8    Build: 2    Release Date: 12/21/2012     Type: Fix     View All Features in Build
When adding a new Microsoft Access product data source, the Azure setup was appearing in the wizard.
Version: 4.8    Build: 1    Release Date: 11/14/2012     Type: New     View All Features in Build
Azure product database support. You can now host your QuoteWerks Product Databases in the cloud through Microsoft Azure. If you have multiple QuoteWerks installations and want to keep the product databases up to date, you currently have to get the remote installations to synchronize on a regular basis. With the Azure support, you can just setup one or more QuoteWerks product databases to be hosted on Azure and then all the remote installations of QuoteWerks can simply use that same shared product database so there no longer is a need to synchronize the product database. We've made it really easy to move your QuoteWerks product database up to the Azure cloud, simply right click on a QuoteWerks native product database and choose "Upload/Migrate to Azure". Another great use for this feature is for manufacturers that have dealers or any company that wants to share their QuoteWerks price list with other QuoteWerks users. In this case the manufacturer creates an Azure QuoteWerks product database and then provides their dealers with the read-only credentials to this Azure database. It is that simple. The Corporate Edition is required for the Azure integration.